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The Spirituality of the Cross - Third Edition
The Spirituality of the Cross - Third Edition


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By: Gene Veith
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Spirituality: the lived, vital, personal dimension of Christianity.

The topic of spirituality in Christianity is muddled with mysticism rather than the mysteries of Christ: the Sacraments and His resurrection. With the rise of people identifying as "spiritual but not religious" and moving away from "institutional" religion, this book offers a bridge to bring people to Christ. More importantly, Spirituality of the Cross brings people to Lutheranism and its teachings of the cross and Christ's sacrifice for our savlation.

Gene Veith has guided thousands to Christianity through this best-selling CPH book, and the revised third edition will help you in learning about the faith. In this edition, Veith digs into a new topic called Christology in the Lutheran faith, along with updating much of the language and examples to reflect contemporary issues. Finally, some additonal material adapted from Authentic Christianity is now in the pages to speak to a more modern audience.

Spirituality of the Cross also offers an updated list of resources to help further your understanding of Lutheran spirituality. This list covers many different topics within Lutheranism to help make it easy for you to find where to go next to grow.

Topics covered: Justificiation, Means of Grace, Theology of the Cross, Christology, Vocation, Living in Two Kingdoms, and Worshiping God.

"Indeed, the teaching that we are justified by faith in the atonining work of Christ on the cross is considered 'the chief article'the underpinning of every aspect of Lutheran theology and, indeed, of the Christian faith." - from the Introduction.

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