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Tim, Can You Say Mum?


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By: Joyleen Edwards
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Tim had just turned seventeen; he was a happy, confident young man with high hopes for a very bright future. On August 2, 2007, however, all this suddenly changed. He was on the first ride of his new motorbike, when in failing to negotiate a bend he hit a fence and was catapulted to land head-first seven metres away on the ground. He was left with a brain injury so severe there seemed little chance of survival, let alone any quality of life.

This is the story of his journey towards recovery - one that can only be described as miraculous. It is also the revelation of his mother's deeply personal journey, as she learns to cope with the single most heart-wrenching and complex experience of her life.

It bears testimony to the indomitable nature of the human spirit and the working of a gracious healing God - showing how even amidst the most devastating circumstances in life, joy can still be found.

"An incredibly personal, loving account taking the reader on a journey through despair, fear, challenge, inspiration, learning and reinvention. It will be of great value to families, health professionals and educators alike." Denis Ginnivan, Director, South West Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service, Albury

"A wonderful reflection of what it's like to live through such a traumatic event. A testament to strength and faith. Just because the goal posts have been moved, it does not mean we should stop kicking goals!" Dr. Wendy Castle, Consultant Physician in Rehabilitation Medicine, Melbourne

Joyleen Edwards is a teacher, pastor's wife and mother of four. Having witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of a serious motorcycle accident, not only on the individual but also on family and friends, she is keen to raise awareness through this, her first book. She lives in Rockhampton, Australia."

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ISBN: 9781498456166
Media Type: Book

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