Hymnsing CD Volume 1
Hymnsing CD Volume 1


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By: Kathie Renner
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A wonderful iniatitive by a group of concerned people in the Barossa Valley. The first in a series contains accompanying piano music and the beautiful voice of Kathie Renner, using the exact lyrics and verses from the Lutheran Hymnal, black edition, and Lutheran Supplement. Volume 1 includes 187 -Glorious Things of You are Spoken, 191 - The Church's One Foundation, 195 - A Might Fortress is Our God, 229 - Revive Your Work, O Lord, 387 - The Lord's My Shepherd, 437- Now Thanks We All Our God, 442 - Praise To the Lord, the Almighty, 452 - O Bless the Lord, My Soul, 465 - Praise my Soul, the King of Heaven, 468 - O Praise Ye the Lord, 543 - Abide With Me, 549 - The Day Thou Gavest Lord, 609 - Jesus Loves Me, 800- May We Be One, 888 - A Christmas Blessing. Ideal for those who grew up with this hymnbook, and available in CD, DVD, and a combination of CD/DVD.


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