A Servant's Manual
A Servant's Manual


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By: Michael Foss
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Christian Leadership for Tomorrow

Christians and their institutions are stuck, says Michael Foss, stuck in the thinking and dilemmas of the past.

This short volume is a plea for Christians to rethink their point and purpose in light of larger cultural changes and a crisis in leadership.

Foss's model of moving from issues into conversation and into compassion is a blueprint for new leadership.


Clarifies the cultural and institutional context of the church today

Show how new thinking can transcend stubborn dichotomies

A Servant's Manual is aimed in part at bringing the key ideas and energy of Foss's earlier book, Power Surge, to a wider audience of concerned Christians, potential leaders for the next generation.

Michael W. Foss was Senior Pastor at Prince of Peace Church, ELCA, in Burnsville, Minnesota.

Paperback 144p

ISBN: 9780800634537
Media Type: Book

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