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Payment & Security

4.1 What payment options do you offer?
  • Credit or debit card
  • PayPal
  • Direct deposit using BSB and Account Number.  Use these details:
    • Name: Australian Christian Resources
    • BSB: 105-011
    • Account: 103 096 140
    • Reference: Your Sales Order, Invoice Number or Customer Number.
  • PayID:  Use PayID for immediate bank transfer.  This means your goods can often be shipped a day earlier than with a BSB direct deposit.

Please note: Bank transfer payments with an invalid Reference cannot be applied to your account.

4.2 Can I pay by cheque or money order?

We will accept a cheque or money order payment from an individual retail customer.  We do not accept cheques from organisations and a handling fee may be applied.

4.3 Is it safe to pay with my credit card on ShopACR?

Yes, the ShopACR website uses a highly secure payment gateway and banking industry best practice SSL encryption.  Your credit card details are not recorded or passed on to any other party.

All website traffic, including Credit Card transactions, is SSL compliant, as secured by:

  • TLS 1.2 (a strong protocol)
  • ECDHE_RSA with P-256 (a strong key exchange)
  • AES_128_GCM (a strong cipher)

4.4 Can I pay using a foreign currency?

All orders are processed in Australian dollars (AUD).  However, you can view the estimated cost of products in a foreign currency of your choosing.  Choose from the Display Currency dropdown list at the top of the screen.  Foreign exchange rates are updated daily.

4.5 I'm an international customer.  Will I be charged Australian GST?

No.  GST is only for Australian customers.  If your account is registered using an address in a country other than Australia, then GST will be removed from all items at the time of checkout, provided that the goods are to be shipped to your home country.  Note that your home country may have it's own rules for applying local taxes to your order.

4.6 What if I don’t want to pay online?

If you've found what you're looking for but you don't want to pay online, please call us on 1300 36 75 75 between 9.00am and 4.30pm (AEST), Monday to Friday and we will confirm your order and preferred payment method by phone.  You are also welcome to pay on pickup from our warehouse.