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The Challenge of Missional Renewal
The Challenge of Missional Renewal


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By: Tania Nelson
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An Australian Lutheran Perspective

The energy and wisdom of Nelsons book joins a strong dose of Gods law drawn from both Scripture and the sociological data. God is deeply present in the challenges of contemporary Australian culture and society and the personal and communal experience of persons within the LCA and those immediately present to its membership in their daily lives. In this book there is a deep trust and practical wisdom for how Lutherans live out of the promise of Jesus Christ. I found it the most inviting, engaging, and challenging descriptions I have read.
Pat Keifert, Center of Church Innovation of the Graduate Theological Union, San Francisco

If you are a leader or member of a church, denomination or mission agency thinking through adaptation and mission renewal during these tumultuous times, you will find help in this collection of essays by Dr Tania Nelson. They are stimulating, honest and courageous reflections that are up-to-date in missional scholarship, wide-ranging in the topics addressed, and contextually rooted in challenges and opportunities facing the Lutheran Church of Australia. Highly recommended!
David H.F. Ng Program Leader for Missional Leadership, Melbourne School of Theology.

Tania Nelson consistently applies a missional hermeneutic in each chapter of this volume, and for that reason it is to be read thoughtfully and carefully. It invites us to move from protect and survive to participate and thrive.
Noel Due, emeritus pastor for new and renewing churches, LCANZ

Dr Tania Nelson offers thoughtful and insightful reflections on how the Lutheran Church in Australia and New Zealand is engaging in God's mission. Her missional perspective on biblical texts, on the social and cultural context and the work of the Lutheran Church is inspiring and challenging. The clear call to fully participate in God's mission is made with gentleness and generosity.
Ruth Powell, Director of NCLS Research

Dr Tania Nelsons love for the church, her passion for Gods mission, and her never-say-die attitude shine through on every page of this outstanding book on the missional challenge of todays church. This is an invaluable collection of thoughtprovoking essays on the missional implications of Christian spirituality, stories of exile, the call of Abraham, and gender justice. The Challenge of Missional Renewal is a summons to cast our gaze beyond our church walls to the communities in which we have been placed.
Peter Lockwood, emeritus lecturer, Australian Lutheran College

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