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This Is Most Certainly True
This Is Most Certainly True


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By: Mark Worthing
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Learning Jesus Christ through Luther's Small Catechism

"This clear, lively engagement with Luther's Small Catechism grows you in faith, while at the same time helping you to reflecton what this means for daily living. Ideal for small groups focused on discipleship."
Robert Bartholomaeus - Bishop, Lutheran Church of Australia, NSW & ACT

"This is Most Certainly True highlights beautifully the brilliance of Martin Luther's Small Catechism. [It] reminds us how relevant and applicable Luther's Small Catechism still is today and how it cuts through to the basic simple truths of God's love for us, and how we can live a purposeful and meaningful life."
Carolyn Teusner, mother and carer

"Dr Worthing;s explanation of Luther's Small Catechism clears up much confusion surrounding Christian faith and values today with a clear presentation of the message of the gospel. It will be of great help both to Church leaders, including clergymen/women, and to everyday believers seeking uphold professional and moral standards and to live as people of faith."
Peter Garang Deng, educator

"Not having been brought up in a Christian family, this book was a wonderful inspiration for me and will benefit anyone wanting a better understanding of the essentials of the Bible. It is a clearly written and concise analysis of Luther's Small Catechism and will appeal to those wanting to learn more about Lutheran doctrine as well as Christianity generally. This is Most Certainly True is a powerful tool for the Christian life which I highly recommend."
Peter Geyer, lawyer

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